Ladurée Roissy - Restaurant menu

Salad & avocado toast

Ladurée avocado toast - 15€
Cereal bread, chickpea hummus, soft goat cheese
Avocado and shrimp cocktail - 20€
Grapefruit, baby gem

Caesar salad - 24€
Free-range chicken, baby gem, egg, crouton, parmesan cheese


Ladurée club* - 25€
Free-range chicken, bacon, egg, tomato

Smoked salmon club* - 27€
Smoked salmon from Label Rouge, avocado, tomato

Signature dishes

Ladurée vol-au-vent - 33€
Free-range chicken in a puff pastry, morel and button mushrooms, grelot onion in a creamy sauce


Plain omelet - 19€

White omelet* - 20€
, spinach, soft goat cheese

White omelet* - 25€
 spinach, smoked salmon from Label Rouge

Ladurée omelet* - 28,50€
, ham, mushroom, french emmental cheese, tomato

*Choice of side dish : French fries, green salad

Side dishes

French fries - 7€
Green salad -  7€

French toast

Ladurée French toast - 14€
Maple syrup, Chantilly 


Macaron of your choice - 2,60€
Coffee, salted caramel, chocolate, orange blossom, pistachio, rose, vanilla, lemon, raspberry, Sa Majesté

Assortment of 4 macarons of your choice - 10€
Assortment of 6 macarons of your choice - 15€
Assortment of 12 macarons of your choice - 30€

Big macaron of your choice - 6,50€
Coffee, salted caramel, chocolate, pistachio, vanilla or raspberry
Chocolate coated macaron of your choice - 3,10€
Chocolate hazelnut coated with milk chocolate or raspberry coated with dark chocolate

Iconic pastries

Ispahan - 12,50€
Macaron, rose petal cream, fresh raspberries, lychees
Plaisir sucré - 10,50€
Hazelnut dacquoise biscuit, milk chocolate ganache, milk chocolate Chantilly

Rose and raspberry Religieuse - 10,50€
Cream puff pastry, rose petal custard cream, raspberries
Madagascar Vanilla Saint-Honoré - 10,50€
Puff pastry, caramelized choux pastry, Madagascar vanilla cream, Chantilly
Lemon tart - 11,50€
Biscuit, light lemon cream, lime and ginger cloud, lemon compote, candied lemon segments, lime zest

Seasonal pastries

Giardino individual yule log - 14€
Bergamot and combawa shortbread, vanilla and lemon génoise biscuit, lemon cream, almond milk and Madagascar vanilla mousse, citrus jam, white chocolate coating 

Marie-Antoinette individual yule log - 13€

Macaron biscuit, rose mousseline cream, raspberry and lychee confit

Forêt noire individual yule log - 11,50€
Manjari chocolate shortbread, chocolate biscuit soaked in amarena and kirsh syrup, morello and amarena cherries jam, 64% Manjari chocolate mousse, vanilla and kirsh cream

Chestnut individual yule log - 11,50€
Genoa bread biscuit soaked in rum, Madagascan vanilla, chestnut crémeux, mascarpone Chantilly cream, meringue, slivered almonds, lemon zest, chunks of candied chestnuts

La Favorite individual yule log - 11,50€
Pistachio macaron biscuit, mousseline cream, roasted pistachios, praline feuilletine

La Marquise individual yule log - 11,50€
Sacher biscuit, hazelnut dacquoise, hazelnut praline feuilletine, hazelnut milk chocolate crémeux, 41% cocoa milk chocolate and hazelnut Chantilly cream

Tradition pastries

Chocolate éclair - 9€
Choux pastry, chocolate 75% cocoa and fleur de sel craquelin, Sao Tomé chocolate 75% cocoa namélaka

Coffee éclair - 9€
Choux pastry, coffee namélaka, milk chocolate and coffee

Vanilla Flan - 9€
Caramelized puff pastry, Madagascar vanilla cream flan
Vanilla Millefeuille - 9€
Caramelised puff pastry, vanilla cream