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Why treat (yourself) to a personalized box of macarons? 

Why choose a personalised macaron box from Ladurée?

Every special moment deserves special attention. Ladurée, with its heritage and expertise, guides you in choosing the ideal personalized macaron box for every celebration.

When it comes to macarons, Ladurée is synonymous with excellence and tradition. Our personalized macarons reflect our commitment to quality and authenticity. Each macaron is carefully prepared to offer an unparalleled taste experience. By choosing a box of personalized macarons, you are opting for a refined tasting experience and a choice of products that testifies to the expertise of Ladurée.

How do you choose the perfect personalised macaron box for every occasion?

Ladurée, a symbol of French pastry excellence, offers much more than just macarons.

With an impressive variety of products to choose from, selecting the ideal box of macarons can seem complex. However, Ladurée has simplified the process by offering personalized macaroons to suit every occasion. Whether you're looking for a box for a birthday, to say "thank you" or to celebrate a special event, our personalized macarons are the perfect choice. Each box reflects the art and passion of the House of Ladurée, guaranteeing a memorable experience every time.

When you choose a box of Ladurée macarons, you're not just choosing macarons, you're choosing an experience. From the choice of ingredients to delivery, every step is carefully thought out to guarantee satisfaction and delight. Our macaron boxes reflect our commitment to excellence, offering each customer an unrivalled tasting experience and a unique taste journey.