Create gourmet memories with our ready-to-give Ladurée gift boxes.
Perfect for any occasion, these turnkey gift sets are carefully designed to amaze your loved ones.
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Make your gift box a special, gourmet treat by personalizing it in just 3 steps:
1. Choose your gift box (color and size),
2. Select your sweets,
3. And delight your loved ones with our 24h/48h delivery service in France and Europe.
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The gourmet gift box for every occasion

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Why is the Ladurée gourmet box the ideal gift for any occasion?

When it comes to giving, choosing the perfect gift can often be complex. However, with the Ladurée gourmet gift box, you're guaranteed an elegant, delicious and memorable present, suitable for any special moment.

The essence of the gourmet gift box: a tradition of indulgence

The Ladurée gourmet box is not just a simple gift basket, it's an invitation to a gustatory journey to the heart of France. Each gourmet box is carefully composed, reflecting the richness of flavors and the quality of local products. Offering a gourmet gift box means sharing a moment of pleasure, with a selection of sweet and gourmet products, from delicate chocolates to refined confections. It's also a timeless gift idea, suitable for all occasions. Whether it's for a birthday, a thank-you or a special celebration, the Ladurée gourmet gift set is always an excellent idea.

Gift basket vs. Ladurée gourmet box: the difference is in the detail

While a gift basket often evokes a selection of delicatessen items, the Ladurée gourmet box transcends this notion. Each gourmet box is a celebration of French delicacies, from savory cookies and sweet groceries to artisan jams and creamy spreads. Careful delivery for an optimal experience, and attention to every detail make the Ladurée gourmet gift set much more than just a basket of goodies: it's a business gift of choice, the perfect gift idea to please in any occasion. What's more, with the option of personalizing the contents, you can be sure that your gift will be unique and memorable.

How to personalize your Ladurée gourmet box in just a few steps?

Personalization is at the heart of the Ladurée experience. Each gourmet box is a blank canvas, ready to be shaped according to your preferences and desires, guaranteeing a gift as unique as its recipient.

The magic of personalization: the choice of gourmet gift box

When you choose to give a Ladurée gourmet gift box, you don't just get a simple gift basket. You have the opportunity to create a unique gourmet gift box, tailored to the tastes and preferences of the person you're giving it to. Start by choosing the size of your gift box. You can opt for the small gift box with 8 macaroons and 4 additional Ladurée products. Or the large gift box with 6 sweets, including 12 assorted macaroons and 6 additional delicacies. You can also choose between 3 colors to personalize your gourmet box and your box of macaroons: pink, blue or green.

Complementary treats: the finishing touch for an unforgettable gift

Once you've personalized your box, it's time to add complementary treats to make your gift even more special. From creamy spreads and salted butter caramel to a selection of pastries and beverages, each added product is a promise of pleasure and discovery. The gift of a Ladurée gourmet gift box is an invitation to savor the sweet pleasures of France, and a gift idea that's sure to delight. It's this combination of quality products and personalization that makes Ladurée the ideal choice for all your gift-giving needs.

What are the delivery options for the Ladurée gourmet box?

The perfection of a gift doesn't stop at its composition. Ladurée ensures that each gourmet gift box arrives at its destination in the best possible condition, offering a reception experience that matches the quality of the products selected.

Flexibility and speed: the promise of Ladurée delivery

When you offer a gourmet gift box, you want your surprise to arrive on time and in perfect condition. That's why Ladurée is committed to offering you delivery tailored to your needs. Whether you wish to surprise a loved one with express delivery in 24H/48H or prefer to plan your gift with delivery up to D+10, each gourmet gift box is carefully packaged and delivered with all the care and attention it deserves. The quality of delivery reflects the excellence of the local products contained in each gourmet gift basket. With Ladurée, you can be sure that your gift will arrive at its destination in the best possible condition.

The exclusive advantages of free delivery from Ladurée

Opting for a Ladurée gourmet gift box also means enjoying a top-of-the-range shopping and delivery experience. For special occasions or promotions, Ladurée can offer free delivery, so you can give pleasure without worrying about the cost of extra charges. What's more, the site's intuitive navigation guarantees a seamless online shopping experience, allowing you to choose the perfect gift set for any occasion.