Ladurée Easter Eggs

Discover new Easter creations next year!
In the meantime, (re)discover our boxes of iconic macarons and seasonal novelties. 

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As Easter approaches, Ladurée Easter chocolates are decked out in their finest colors to enchant young and old alike. Among the chocolate treasures, Easter eggs stand out for their elegance and delicacy. Shaped with care, these chocolate eggs, whether milk or dark, contain treasures of hazelnut praline, delicately filled for an explosion of flavors in the mouth. Each bite is a veritable symphony of cocoa and hazelnut, an invitation to an unforgettable taste journey. Giving these Easter eggs is much more than just giving chocolates, it's giving a moment of sweet happiness to share with family and friends during this joyous springtime celebration. May Easter be filled with chocolatey sweetness and generosity, under the enchanting sign of Ladurée's chocolate delights.


Easter is an iconic time when culinary tradition meets the art of pastry-making, and at Ladurée, this fusion comes to life in an exceptional way with their exquisite Easter eggs. These delicious creations beg to be savored in an atmosphere of conviviality and pleasure. To accompany these chocolate wonders, there's nothing like creating a complete sensory experience. 

Here are a few suggestions for enjoying Ladurée Easter eggs to the full: 

 - A refined Ladurée tea: The delicate aromas of tea will sublimate the chocolate notes of these exquisite eggs. Choose an Earl Grey tea, for example, for its citrus notes that harmonize with the sweetness of milk chocolate.

 - A box of Ladurée macarons: Complete your tasting experience with a selection of Ladurée macaroons in a variety of flavors. Slip into one of four Easter macaron recipes, coated in chocolate or fruit couverture: Ispahan, lemon, hazelnut and banana. Their light textures and subtle flavors harmonize perfectly with the sweetness of Easter eggs, offering an unforgettable taste experience. 

 - Enjoy with family and friends: Sharing moments is at the heart of the Easter tradition. Invite your loved ones to join you for a tasting of Ladurée Easter eggs. Exchange impressions, share memories and create unforgettable memories together. 

 Ladurée Easter eggs are just waiting to be enjoyed!


To store Ladurée Easter eggs and preserve their freshness and flavor, we recommend following a few simple tips: 

 - Stable room temperature: Avoid temperature fluctuations by storing your Easter eggs in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

 - Airtight packaging: Keep Easter eggs in their original packaging to protect them from humidity and ambient air. Make sure the box is tightly closed to prevent any deterioration in the quality of the chocolate. 

 Ladurée wishes you an excellent Easter egg hunt!