Easter with Ladurée

To celebrate the arrival of spring and the inevitable Easter eggs, the Maison Ladurée designs its gourmet creations like a painter composing his canvas: choosing the subject, preliminary drawing, applying the colors, adding the details.

Meticulously crafted, this year's Easter compositions will once again surprise the eyes and... the taste buds!

"Jardin" Macarons Gift Boxes

Easter collection

A floral and gourmet box

An imaginary garden of shimmering flowers adorns the Maison's emblematic green boxes. Poetic and gourmet, the Easter boxes come in 8 and 18 macarons.

Available in 24H/48H delivery or up to D+10, Click&Collect and courier delivery.
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New Easter
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A floral and gourmet box

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Easter chocolates

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Ladurée has created chocolate eggs adorned with Ladurée's initial and a delicate crown of delicately engraved seasonal flowers.

Come and pick the Easter eggs hidden in the garden, topped with a layer of hazelnut praline and enrobed in 33% milk chocolate or 68% dark chocolate.
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Lala, the Ladurée bunny

Ladurée continues to surprise with Lala, the king of picking. Wearing a crown of flowers and a medallion bearing the Ladurée's initial, Lala the Ladurée rabbit is the ideal Easter guide.

The rabbits are available in three iconic flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and rose-tinted white chocolate.
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Lala, the Ladurée bunny

Easter Pain Perdu

Une recette gourmande

Une recette gourmande

Come and celebrate Easter with a delicious Ladurée French toast made from a mousseline brioche drenched in vanilla custard with hazelnut crunch and chocolate shortbread. Then topped with a Guanaja heart chocolate sorbet, Madagascar vanilla Chantilly, shortbread cocoa nibs, a crunchy slab of dark chocolate and a dark chocolate sauce.

Available in Ladurée restaurants from March 06 to April 30.
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