The Easter macaron hunt

Discover new Easter creations next year!
In the meantime, (re)discover our boxes of iconic macarons and seasonal novelties. 

Our macarons boxes

Spring Delights: Easter Macarons

In the springtime effervescence of Easter, Maison Ladurée unveils its most exquisite delights: coated Easter macarons, a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Each macaron embodies the very essence of this festive season, capturing the spirit of renewal in a symphony of exquisite flavors: lemon coated with yuzu, Ispahan coated with raspberry, banana coated with Nyangbo dark chocolate and hazelnut coated with milk chocolate.

At the heart of each macaron lies a delicate balance between the crunchiness of the enrobing shell and the tenderness of the macaron's ganache. With meticulous attention paid to the selection of the finest ingredients, each bite evokes unequalled refinement. Quality products combine harmoniously to offer an unforgettable taste experience.

Ladurée Easter macarons transcend simple sweets to become veritable edible works of art. Their colors recall the bright hues of nature in Spring, while their bewitching flavors evoke the sweet pleasures of the season. Each macaron is an invitation to savor the moment and celebrate the joy of Easter with loved ones.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Ladurée Easter macarons, a gourmet symphony that awakens the senses and delights the soul.