Our Christmas selection

"For this holidays collection, I’ve taken inspiration from Le Grand Restaurant’s signature dessert: the ‘Blanc Manger’. Using the original recipe as a starting point, we toyed around with its flavors and worked
on an airy texture, seeking to achieve the perfect blend of vanilla and caramel to create a yule log
and a macaron with those same wonderful aromas. We also whipped up a macaron and a cake inspired by a dessert I really love, one that combines the acidity of clementines, the softness of roses and the bite of saffron."

Jean-François Piège

For the first time, Maison Ladurée imagined a shippable yule log in order to everybody could celebrate in Ladurée's spirit. This yule log is composed of a sacher biscuit, dark chocolate mousse, crispy cocoa beans and a sweet vanilla crémeux. The caramel insert inside will please all the gourmet.

Signature Yule Log : Blanc-Manger

Composed of a Génoise and Joconde vanilla soaked biscuits. Topped with Comoros and Tahiti vanilla cream and ganache, you'll find a molten jivara caramel heart inside the vanilla mascarpone mousse. Decorated by an opaline and white chocolate flower.

Discover our Christmas macarons, included in our collaboration with Chef Jean-François Piège.

Blanc-Manger macaron
This macaron is inspired by Jean-François Piège’s iconic recipe for Blanc-Manger. Two macaron shells dusted with vanilla seeds, with a vanilla ganache filling and a caramel center.

Clementine-saffron-rose macaron
Two macarons shells sprinkled with dried rose petals, filled with clementine cream and a hint of saffron.