2024-02-21 08:00 AM

2024 Easter at Ladurée

To celebrate the arrival of spring and the inevitable Easter eggs, the Maison Ladurée designs its gourmet creations like a painter composing his canvas: choosing the subject, preliminary drawing, applying the colors, adding the details.

Meticulously crafted, this year's Easter compositions will once again surprise the eyes and... the taste buds!

Macarons gift boxes : An imaginary garden of shimmering flowers adorns the Maison's emblematic green boxes. Poetic and gourmet, the Easter boxes are available in 8 and 18 macarons.

Easter macarons: In the springtime effervescence of Easter, Ladurée unveils its most exquisite delights: coated Easter macarons, a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Each macaron embodies the very essence of this festive season, capturing the spirit of renewal in a symphony of exquisite flavors: lemon coated with yuzu, Ispahan coated with raspberry, banana coated with Nyangbo dark chocolate and hazelnut coated with milk chocolate.

Easter eggs: Ladurée has created chocolate eggs adorned with the House initial and a delicately engraved wreath of seasonal flowers. Come and pick the Easter eggs, hidden in the garden, topped with a layer of hazelnut praline and enrobed in 33% milk chocolate or 68% dark chocolate.

Easter bunnies: Ladurée continues to surprise with Lala, the king of picking. Wearing a crown of flowers and a medallion bearing the House's initial, Lala the Ladurée rabbit is the ideal Easter guide. The rabbits come in two sizes and three iconic flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and rose-tinted white chocolate.

The Signature Egg: This year, Executive Pastry Chef Julien Alvarez has created an exceptional piece, featuring the emblematic laurel wreath emblematic of the House of Ladurée. This impressive sculpture in dark Macaé 62% chocolate combines elegance and pure indulgence.

Easter French toast: Come and celebrate Easter with a delicious and gourmet Ladurée French toast composed of a mousseline brioche soaked in vanilla custard, with a hazelnut crunch and chocolate shortbread.