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Ladurée & Krëemart

Ladurée and Raphaël Castoriano are proud to present Marina Abramovic’s Taste as the first subject of the Pastry Portrait®, a collection embodying identities in the form of taste.

Jean Sevegnes, New Executive Chef

Even if Ladurée’s biggest endeavours are “sweet”,
 the “savoury” has always held a place in our boutiques, particularly in our large restaurant on the Champs-Elysées.

Claire Heitzler,
 new head of Patisserie Creation

Ladurée has always cherished the element of surprise without ever fearing self-evaluation! The choice of a woman as the head of our patisserie creation is anything but insignificant. Ladurée’s inspirations and creations coexist in an exceptionally feminine universe!


Wedding and Receptions

Our most beautiful composition of desserts and wedding cake. Our entire expertise is dedicated to your needs and ensure your event will be memorable.

Macarons Pyramid

From 20 to 520 macarons
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