Ladurée celebrates lovers with a sweet tooth!

Boxes of macarons, pastries to share, exclusive macaron flavor ....
Discover the "Mon Coeur" collection and find romantic, but above all gourmet, gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

Gift ideas

  • €53.00
  • €26.00
This House classic is the perfect box to start a collection of our most beautiful Ladurée cases. You can add 12 delicious macaroons as you wish. Also available in Ladurée green.
  • €53.00
A box of 12 Eugenie gourmet assortments: chocolate, pistachio, caramel and vanilla.
Discover Eugénie: a crunchy chocolate shell, a melting heart and a gluten-free shortbread cookie. Let yourself be tempted by an assortment of 12 Eugenies.
Rose macaron topped with rose-scented cream, garnished with fresh raspberries and lychees. A subtle combination of the acidity of lychee and the sweetness of raspberry and rose. A delicious, fresh, gourmet dessert.
  • €10.00
  • €10.00
Crunchy hazelnut, praline and milk chocolate dacquoise topped with milk chocolate Chantilly cream.
Plaisir Sucré
  • €10.00
  • €10.00
This box contains five milk chocolate balls with milky notes and intense cocoa, enclosing a fleur de sel caramel, and four dark chocolate balls with fruity notes and intense cocoa, enclosing a fleur de sel caramel.
Delicious slices of preserved lemon covered with a milk chocolate fondant (160g)
  • €24.00
Speciality made from raspberries, lychees and rose petals, cooked with cane sugar in copper cauldrons using traditional techniques.
An elegant combination of Chinese black tea, citrus, flowers, light spices and vanilla. A delicious, delicate blend. The Ladurée signature.
  • €22.00
Marie-Antoinette tea-scented moist cake: black teas from China and India, rose petals, citrus fruit and honey.
  • €32.00
  • €12.00
  • €51.00


A unique gift A unique gift
A unique gift
Offer a tailor-made gift by composing your own box of macarons
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Valentine's Day gifts: gourmet gifts for a romantic Valentine's Day

In this season of love, Ladurée invites you to celebrate Valentine's Day with elegance and indulgence. Our exquisite gift ideas are designed to delight the hearts of lovers, whether for him or for her.

Valentine's Day gift for her:

 Give her a box of Ladurée macaroons, a sweet symbol of your shared love. Each macaron is a delicate work of art, capturing passion and finesse.

Valentine's Day gift for Him: 

Surprise him with a gift that stimulates his taste buds. Choose from our selection of fine teas, accompanied by sweet treats and macarons. Each box is a gourmet statement, created with care for the lover of gustatory pleasures.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for the couple : 

Let Ladurée transform your evening into an unforgettable romantic experience. Choose from our Valentine's Day macaron gift sets, available in your favorite flavors or in an exclusive Valentine's Day macaron assortment.

CAt Ladurée, every gift is a declaration of affection, an exquisite way to express your deepest feelings. Whether you choose our macarons, teas or special boxes, every detail is carefully crafted to create magical moments with your loved one.

This Valentine's Day, let Ladurée be the messenger of your love through sweet delights and exquisite flavors. Because love deserves to be celebrated with elegance, and at Ladurée, every gift is an invitation to share the sweetness of life for two.