Say Thank You

Thank You
To say thank you, nothing is better than a memorable and gourmet gift. 
Add a personal touch
Add a personal touch
To say thank you, what could be better than a personalized thank you gift ? Compose a beautiful, colorful gift box with their favorite delicacies. Add a gift message and have your memorable gift deliver direclty at their door.  
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Our selection of Thank You gifts ideas

Celebration boxes ūüéĀ
A farewell party? A thank you? Say "Thank you" with our boxed set of 15 macarons featuring the Maison's iconic fragrances, three of which are printed with a lovely message.
Box of 24 gray macaroons adorned with a silver frieze in homage to Napoleon III.
To celebrate its 160th anniversary, Ladurée has created an exclusive box of 18 macarons. The relief and gilding motif is inspired by the ceiling of the first Ladurée boutique on Rue Royale.
  • ‚ā¨53.00
A box of 12 Eugenie gourmet assortments: chocolate, pistachio, caramel and vanilla.
A chocolate bonbon with a tasty almond praline mixed with vanilla macaroon chips and enrobed in an intense dark chocolate coating.
A box of generous slices of candied orange covered with a fruity dark chocolate. (160g)
  • ‚ā¨24.00
An elegant combination of Chinese black tea, citrus, flowers, light spices and vanilla. A delicious, delicate blend. The Ladurée signature.
  • ‚ā¨22.00
An energetic green tea with bergamot, rhubarb and caramel. A royal blend that gives this tea all its panache. A tea to enjoy throughout the day.
  • ‚ā¨22.00
Lime blossom honey is distinctive for its minty, slightly bitter, fresh taste. This honey is sought-after for its soothing virtues, making it ideal for blending into herbal teas.
  • ‚ā¨12.00
Jam made from organic figs, cooked with organic cane sugar in copper cauldrons using traditional techniques.
  • ‚ā¨10.50
A salted butter caramel cream made using traditional techniques.
  • ‚ā¨11.90