Halloween creations

Boo! Welcome to the enchanting world of Halloween treats!

From the "Pumpkin" box macarons to Ladurée's signature chocolates and confectionery, the world of Halloween delicacies offers a taste experience that's as captivating as it is thrilling.
Elegant black box inspired by brocade motifs.
A box of 12 Eugenie gourmet assortments: chocolate, pistachio, caramel and vanilla.
A box of moist candied ginger slices covered with a fruity dark chocolate. (150g)
Delicious slices of preserved lemon covered with a milk chocolate fondant (160g)
A box of generous slices of candied orange covered with a fruity dark chocolate. (160g)
Box of delicious crunchy cookie cat's tongues, coated in dark or milk chocolate.
This box contains 4 chocolates enveloping caramel, pistachio, rose and raspberry macaroon shells.
  • €14.00
Green apple, pumpkin, coconut, cocoa powder and crushed guanaja beans, crunchy chocolate, coconut and roasted almond glaze (vegan)
Assortment of coconut meringues coated with milk chocolate, cocoa meringues coated with dark chocolate and plain meringues coated with dark chocolate.
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A trio of delicious caramel flavors: vanilla, coffee and chocolate.
  • €8.00
  • €8.40
Pyrenean flower honey is a delicate combination of three flowers: Lime, Bramble and Chestnut. Enjoy it as a dessert or with a slice of bread.
Chestnut spread with sugar and vanilla extracts.
  • €15.90
A salted butter caramel cream made using traditional techniques.
  • €11.90