Ladurée King's Cakes

Discover our unique and comforting Traditional King Cake with frangipane. One more occasion to get together and celebrate the joy of being together, all in gourmet style.

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The Ladurée King Cake, a gourmet tradition

The Ladurée King Cake, a jewel of French pastry-making, is an exquisite creation in which each ingredient is carefully selected to create a symphony of flavors. At the heart of this culinary creation, frangipane, a sumptuous cream made from finely ground almonds, unites with an incomparably light puff pastry.

The recipe for Ladurée's traditional King Cake begins with the meticulous preparation of puff pastry, where high-quality butter, delicate sugar and fine ingredients combine to create a crisp, golden base.

The frangipane combines the richness of almonds with subtle notes of cream, creating a generous filling that melts delicately in the mouth. This perfect alliance between puff pastry and frangipane confers an exquisite texture and incomparable taste.

Every step of the preparation, every carefully chosen ingredient, contributes to making the Ladurée galette des rois much more than a simple pastry: it's an exceptional sensory experience. Each slice reveals the art and passion involved in creating this delicious tradition, inviting gourmets and gourmands to savor French excellence.

The quest for the bean, discreetly hidden in the King Cake, adds a playful touch to this gourmet tradition. The crown of kings, the traditional emblem of Epiphany, majestically adorns each King Cake.