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Julien Alvarez joins Ladurée

After The Peninsula Paris, Café Pouchkine and the prestigious luxury hotel in Paris, Le Bristol, Julien Alvarez joins Maison Ladurée as International Pastry Creation Chef. 

He comes from Bergerac, and was introduced to the world of pastry-making by his father, a cook. His interest in cakes developed under Monsieur Dieumegard, whom he considers his mentor, to the point of becoming a real passion. The immensely creative pastry chef is highly focussed on his craft,  applying a huge amount of passion to his work. This can be seen when he became World Pastry Champion in 2011 with the Spanish team. He went on to be named Meilleur Espoir Pâtissier (Most Promising Pastry Chef) in 2014. His career as a renowned Pastry Chef started when he joined The Peninsula in Paris in 2014, continuing when he became Executive Pastry Chef at Café Pouchkine in 2016. This renown was ultimately cemented at the Bristol, alongside Éric Frechon, where he became one of the most talented pastry chefs of his generation. 

He begins a new adventure at Ladurée and we are proud to welcome him. 

"I have always had particular admiration for Maison Ladurée. It symbolises a heritage of historic savoir-faire and contributes to promoting French heritage in France, but also internationally. Today I am proud and honoured to embody the new face of the Maison, to contribute to its reach in turn."
Julien Alvarez

Our new vegan macarons

As part of a sustainable and innovative approach, Ladurée imagined two new vegan macarons recipes.

Cherry vegan macaron : Two vegan macaron shells filled with a cherry compote. A fruit naturally rich in A and C vitamins, perfect for warm summer days.

Chocolate-yuzu vegan macaron : Two chocolate vegan macaron shells sprinkled with cocoa and filled with a Manjari 64% chocolate and Yuzu ganache. A perfect match between sweetness and acidity.

Hibiscus collection

During summertime, Ladurée chose to put the spotlight on hibiscus, a large flower with bright colors and sour taste.

Discover our hibiscus iced macaron, religieuse or ice cream cup in our Click&Collect stores.

Ladurée x La DoubleJ

The 12-piece collection brings the Milanese lifestyle brand’s happy maximalist homeware together with Ladurée’s delectable sweets.

Reinforcing La DoubleJ’s commitment to celebrating women and wellness, the collaboration draws upon the deeply personal and spiritual practice of the brand’s founder, J.J. Martin, and dives into themes of motherhood, fertility and the spiritual concept of the sacred feminine. This is realized through the Tree Of Life print, a verdant La DoubleJ artwork, designed in-house in honor of the ancient Tree Of Life archetype, a symbol of fertility, renewal, life cycles and all types of motherhood for everyone.

Framed by the soft pink and pistachio green shades of Ladurée’s world renowned macarons, the collaboration ranges from La DoubleJ’s first ever Teapot, an exclusive design crafted in fine porcelain by Italian manufacturers Ancap, to cotton twill Aprons and a new porcelain Goodie Jar, perfectly shaped to stash macarons. Sets of 7 and 14 macarons will be housed in La DoubleJ printed confection boxes, available exclusively at Ladurée stores. 

Ladurée x Chapon

Broadening our horizons, expanding our perspectives and moving forward without ever losing the most important thing: our tradition. This is the perpetual motion that Maison Ladurée has been engaged in for years, and it is within this objective that we are delighted to partner with Patrice Chapon, a great French artisan chocolatier, for all of our coming chocolate bonbon collections.

Chocolate is a passion that consumes you. Tasting it is an art, it is a symbol of delectable indulgence, a delight of nature. Chocolate is a genuine saga. It has different stories to tell us about its origins while taking us on journeys around the world. It is raw but refined and creative, the tiniest piece tasted provoking intense emotions. It is precious, but the Master Chocolatier elevating it for us is what makes it irresistible rather than the technique.

Traditional Holiday season at Ladurée


For this holidays collection, I've taken inspiration from Le Grand Restaurant's signature dessert: the 'Blanc Manger'. Using the original recipe as a starting point, we toyed around with its flavors and worked on an airy texture, seeking to achieve the perfect blend of vanilla and caramel to create a yule log and a macaron with those same wonderful aromas. We also whipped up a macaron and a cake inspired by a dessert I really love, one that combines the acidity of clementines, the softness of roses and the bite of saffron.

Chef Jean-François Piège

Our new Christmas Macarons

Macaron Blanc Manger

This macaron is inspired by Jean-François Piège's iconic recipe for Blanc Manger. Two macaron shells dusted with vanilla seeds, with a vanilla ganache filling and a caramel center.

Macaron Clementine Saffron Rose

Two macarons shells sprinkled with dried rose petals, filled with clementine cream and a hint of saffron.

Enjoy our menus at home !

Maison Ladurée launches its own savoury range to go to enjoy our creative meals at home.

Everyday, our chefs and their team, cook with the most care by sourcing seasonal products to make delicious recipes.

Taste our iconic dishes like our avocado toasts, our poke bowls or our delicious Ladurée club sandwich.

These seasonal dishes could go along with our different desserts.

Get delivered in Paris, from Monday to Friday, 11am-17pm. To order, you can contact our Concierge at +33 1 70 22 45 20.

Ladurée launches their first vegan macarons !

We all know the challenges we face today : eating better, eating less, eating sustainably-made food that is healthy and protects the planet’s resources. Eating less animal-based food. Opting for plant-based even when it seems undoable. 

How can one make that a reality with macarons? How can one sidestep the egg-white and sugar mix needed to make the double shell? How can Frenchmade pastry forgot butter? 

It has required months of research, technical expertise, and the collective commitment of passionate teams to find the answers to those questions. And the result is striking; truly, you’ll be fooled.

A real sweet with really strong caramel notes. We had to prepare a "butter without butter" composed of coconut oil, sunflower oil and soy milk.

Promise of a safe bet, with really light woody and smoked notes. We had to reinvent the ganache with a mix of millet, almond and hazelnut milks.

"Juste un baiser" Tea Time

As we approach Valentine's day, enjoy our delicious tea-time composed of :

  • 1 hot beverage
  • 1 gourmet macarons « Juste un baiser » 
  • 2 macarons « Juste un baiser » 
  • 2 scones (nature & grape) 
  • 1 clotted cream pot
  • 1 jam
  • 1 beaufort finger sandwich
  • 1 caviar and egg finger sandwich
  • 1 mint cucumber finger sandwich
  • 1 salmon finger sandwich

Reserve now your tea-time within one of our following restaurants : Ladurée Champs-ElyséesLadurée RoyaleLadurée Bonaparte

Canadian Holiday at Ladurée

The holiday season brings a delightful cosiness to the crisp cold of a Canadian winter, while the glistening backdrop of pure-white snow adds even more romance. Twinkling lights and log cabins are just some of the many charms that suffuse Canada with such a wonderfully joyous atmosphere at this magical time of year.

Ladurée’s CEO, David Holder, was so taken with the generosity and warmth welcome he received in Canada that he decided to make the country this year’s holiday theme for Ladurée. And when he met well-known Canadian restaurateur and pastry chef Patrice Demers, everything fell into place.

Our new christmas macaroons

Pecan and maple syrup macaron

The inspiration for this macaron comes from maple pecan pie, a variation of sugarcream pie in which brown sugar is replaced with maple syrup. Delectable!

The amazing haskap macaron

The haskap shrub, also known as blue honeysuckle, grows deep in the Canadian forest. Rich in
vitamins A and C, as well as fibre and potassium, its tangy berry is a natural antioxidant. Ever inventive, at Ladurée, we have made it into a delicious jam filling for our macaron shells.

Dark chocolate coated Labrador tea macaron

Ladurée’s chefs have concocted a macaron filled with a chocolate ganache infused with Labrador tea – a wild plant native to Quebec with a delicate minty flavour and hints of citrus. For extra decadence, their new macaron is coated in an enticing dark chocolate!

Find theses new flavors in our assorted 12 macarons christmas box, available here.