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Rue de Bretagne opening

Maison Ladurée opened a new store in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. This 23m² store offers a complete range of macarons, pastries and chocolates as well as hot take-away beverages. Ladurée also unveil inside the new Scandinavian Christmas collection.

A Scandinavian Christmas

This Christmas, Ladurée is inviting talented chefs and young, up-and-coming pâtissier from all over the world to breathe new life into the meticulous and exclusive art form of French pâtisserie.

This exciting opportunity is as much an invitation to learn new skills, as a journey of initiation into the different confectionery traditions around the globe. As part of the event Ladurée’s President David Holder hopes to share the chefs’ immense creativity and offer them a worldwide presence.

In a departure from traditional pâtisserie, this novel approach will see Ladurée break away from the conformity of creation and instead aim to elicit interaction and the sharing of new flavours, skills and high-quality ingredients. Ladurée will continue to excel at creating time-honoured favourites of French pâtisserie.



We have reworked our signature palette for a fresh and colourful, rock ’n’ roll feel. The walls are lined with a huge library of a million and one boxes, which forms the backdrop to a Carrara marble macaron counter that houses 36 flavours of macarons. 

All of our classic flavours are accompanied by new, previously unseen options created by Claire Heitzler, alongside personalized macarons and a beautiful collection of exclusive gift boxes.
14 rue Castiglione 75001 Paris